Benefits of a Healthcare Solution

Paper-based documents plague today’s medical practices. Even as they adopt electronic medical record (EMR) systems, making paper-based documents available everywhere can be a challenge. Without an effective solution, medical practices will have communication gaps within the practice, in different locations, and between staff and patients. This can have dire consequences to documentation, communication, diagnosis and treatment. Emerald's healthcare solutions prevent this problem by:

  • Converting paper documents to searchable electronic files

  • Storing information centrally for fast access anywhere on the network

  • Increasing security of information with built in access control

  • Complying with HIPPA regulations

  • Track all print activity

  • “Find-me Printing” - walk up and print from any connected device

  • Secure print release

  • Regulate your multifunction printer use

  • Administer centrally, manage easily

Ricoh Cloud Workflow Solutions

  • Compatible with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems

  • Integrate with cloud storage - Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, EMRs, etc.

  • Simplify accounts payable processes

  • Automate data entry and extraction

  • Easily access and manage files in the cloud

  • Go paperless

  • Automate data entry and eliminate manual input time and errors

  • Use mobile devices to index data and route documents for approval

  • Software modeled around HIPPA and GDPR compliance

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