Benefits of a Real Estate Solution

Many real estate offices are still relying on outdated approaches to managing buyers and sellers’ contract & personal information. This greatly increases print costs, while compromising security, and ultimately losing your company money. Emerald’s real estate solutions aim to eliminate these issues by:

  • Converting paper contracts & documents to searchable electronic files

  • Storing information centrally for fast access anywhere on the network

  • Increasing security of client information with built in access control

  • Controlling internal color print costs and eliminating waste among agents

  • Track all print activity among agents and admin

  • “Find-me Printing” - walk up and print from any connected device

  • Secure print release to protect confidential client information

  • Regulate your multifunction printer use to control billable costs

Ricoh Cloud Workflow Solutions

  • Integrate with cloud storage - Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.

  • Simplify accounts payable processes

  • Automate data entry and extraction

  • Easily access and manage files in the cloud

  • Reduce paper usage and integrate e-sign software

  • Automate data entry and eliminate manual input time and errors

  • Use mobile devices to index data and route documents & contracts for approval

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